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Hi! I made some stuff that I thought improved my Caterham 7. I showed some people the parts, and they liked them, so I’m selling them below.

You can find me on Instagram I’ve sent packages to France, Germany, Ireland, England and the US :D

Large Pedal Extension - to assist with Heel-and-Toeing and comfort Large Pedal Extension

Pedal Extension Plugs - to assist with Heel-and-Toeing Pedal Extension Plugs

Mirror Adapters - adapts caterham bolt holes to Spa or Motamec mirrors Mirror Adapters

Mirror Mounts - super-stiff and fit to the holes of your old mirrors. Mirror Mounts

Harness Strap Clips - Stops your straps flapping about Harness Strap Clips

Maglock Mount - uses the magic of magnets to securely hold a phone. Maglock Mount

Hinge - stops the door opening enough to bump your mirrors. Hinge

Fuel filler neck wedge shims - small, light, cheap and strong attachment to your rollcage Fuel filler neck wedge shims

Motorsport Mirror Mount - small, light, cheap and strong attachment to your rollcage Motorsport Mirror Mount

Beer Can Clip - attaches beer cans to your bike or roll-cage Beer Can Clip

Quadlock Mount - attaches to your existing scuttle holes Quadlock Mount

Random Other Stuff - aero, brackets, hooks, etc Random Other Stuff

to contact me, either email 24@uberniche.co.uk or hit me up on Instagram